Global Services

  • State of the art numerical modelling

    Our projects are supported by an extensive use of the best modelling tools available, covering  :

    - magnetohydrodynamic state and stability

    - thermal state

    - mechanical shell and lining behavior

    - potroom ventilation.

    Further topics include modelling of anode baking furnaces, signal analysis, gas emissions analysis, cell design improvements, engineering, project management and consulting.


    Project management

    KAN-NAK can perform project management, which covers:

    - definition of project scope

    - project feasibility study

    - detailed engineering.



    We are able to provide training for many aspects of the production of aluminium production, as well as more fundamental topics, like MHD and thermal models for reduction technology.


    Other activities

    KAN-NAK people have knowledge and partners in downstream activities, such as:

    - cooling techniques

    - solidification

    - casting (DC, EMC regulation and automation)

    - extrusion

    - rolling

    - mold filling and injection.