• KAN-NAK Ltd. is a company dedicated to the optimization of aluminium reduction cells, with a long know-how on cell design to minimize the energy consumption and optimize productivity. Based in Sierre, Switzerland, in a region that has a long tradition in the aluminium industry starting in the 19th century, KAN-NAK Ltd. has employees with more than 30 years of experience in the field of MHD and thermal modelling. KAN-NAK offers services and expertise to support aluminium smelters in their development projects.

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  • Part of the services KAN-NAK provides :

    -- smelter upgrade

    -- turnkey projects

    -- cell design

    -- technical assistance

    -- process control

    -- measurement campaigns

    -- training...


    KAN-NAK typically assesses the current thermal and MHD situation for a given technology, and proposes design modifications to support current increase and energy saving. Detailed engineering can be delivered. KAN-NAK will perform measurement campaigns to assess the current cell state and to consolidate predictions.