Aluminium smelter optimization

Save energy,
improve performance,
increase profit.

KAN-NAK is dedicated to the optimization of aluminium reduction cells, with a long know-how on cell design to minimize energy consumption and optimize productivity.

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Smelter upgrade
& current increase

With measurement campaigns, KAN-NAK checks both the current state of cells and their optimized state. Measurements performed include current distributions, voltage breakdown, shell temperature, heat fluxes, bath and liquidus temperature, ledge profile, magnetic field in the liquid metal, metal upheaval and cell stability.

Average payback time = 12 months

Busbars can be modified while all cells are under production, with no impact on your production.

Lining can be optimized to achieve significant energy saving and improved cell life

Shells Cells can be restarted with 20 to 50% higher current by the use of a booster rectifier and temporary busbars

RuC® Cathodes can be used to save energy, increase cell life, increase current efficiency, suppress the rodding operation and many more advantages

kan-nak procedure

Our services

State of the art
numerical modeling

Our projects are supported by an extensive use of the best modelling tools available, covering:

  • magnetohydrodynamic state and stability
  • thermal state
  • mechanical shell and lining behavior
  • potroom ventilation

Further topics include modelling of anode baking furnaces, signal analysis, gas emissions analysis, cell design improvements, engineering, project management and consulting.

Modeling example Modeling example

Revolutionary cell design

Our services


Apart from specific modelling activities, KAN-NAK can also provide consulting services, covering many aspects in primary aluminium production, as well as in downstream business. KAN-NAK can bring to you an extensive knowledge of the aluminium production,acquired over more than 35 years of activity in that branch.

Our partners

Just to be sure to provide the best consulting possible to you, KAN-NAK has also access to a strong network of seasoned professionals and consultants from all over the world.

Your benefits

Your benefits

current increase

current increase ranging from 5% to 70%

consumption reduction

specific energy consumption reduction up to 1.2 kWh/kg

current efficiency

current efficiency increase


lower specific production costs

cell life

longer cell life

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KAN-NAK clients


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